Solar electric utility meter brake


Put a brake on your electric utility meter every single
day with your own personal micro-solar power plant!

Quietly Saving Our Planet... One Micro Solar Kit At A Time

This 2-panel micro solar kit is designed for the independent green minded property owner who wants to save some real bucks by utilizing new affordable technology and the free energy of the sun.

In direct sunlight, the PNG200 will produce over 200 watts of continuous, sinusoidal, 120 volt AC power. The PNG200 does not use any expensive batteries and is expandable up to 4 panels total. It effectively slows down your electric utility-meter during daylight hours by converting sunlight directly into electric power and delivering it into your home's wiring, on your side of the electric utility meter. Since this new power is not flowing through the utility meter, you do not pay for it.  It is free power.

Set up is simple

Put the array in the sun.
Run an extension cord from the array to a
regular 120 volt A/C wall outlet like this:

Regular A/C Electrical Wall Outlet

Presto - You 're now producing your own FREE power!

The PNG200 Micro Solar Array is now putting power INTO the wall outlet circuit and throughout your home instead of drawing power FROM the wall outlet like a normal appliance. (except in sleep mode at night where power consumption is only 0.6 watts per hour)  The portion of your home's electricity generated by the solar panels and consumed by your home appliances will not be flowing through the utility meter. Your utility meter will be "slowed down" by that portion genereated.  If you are able to consume less power than the panels are producing, it can even cause older analog meters (with the mechanical spinning wheel) to run backwards.  Newer digital meters simply stop advancing forward. Power output values are easily validated using your own utility meter or for convience we recommend the KILL-A-WATT brand or other such meter inexpensivelly available at most local home improvement stores.

Every residence has a certain baseline minimum load which is reasonably constant.  All the electrical devices which are plugged in and not turned on all add up. Things like electric tooth brushes, microwave, clocks, TV, cable, radio, computer, monitor, refrigerator, pool filters, heating/air conditioning, phones, chargers, anything with a light or indicator, and on and on and on. Most people overlook lots of simple of stuff... like the doorbell....It runs 24/7 and is seldom noticed. 

The solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years by a major U.S solar panel company.

And nobody is predicting the price of electricity to ever go down.  

Each day the PNG200 sits outside under that big old sun,
you will be saving money & reducing your carbon footprint.



That would be bad.  After all, you could be responsible for electrical workers getting hurt because of any solar equipment on your property that is unexpectedly putting power into the grid after maintenance workers believe they have "switched it off". It would also be dangerous if you unplugged it from the wall and then touched the bare metal on the plug.  You would get shocked.

The PNG200 DOES NOT generate power when the power utility is switched off or is unplugged from the power utility.  It is intentionally designed to do this for safety and is called Anti-Islanding. If the panels were producing power and you unplugged the kit from the wall and then proceeded to touch the bare metal terminals of the kit's male ended power plug, you will not get shocked because the kit senses when it becomes disconnected from the utility service and shuts its self off.  It will not produce power again until it senses a stable power utility service has been restored.

               What will I receive?
  • 2 monocrystalline solar panels  (U.S. company, 25 year guarantee)
  • 1 panel matched, nite sleeping, anti-islanding, 120v grid-tied power inverter 
  • 1 sturdy 1" x 0.125" angled aluminum framework for 2 solar panels & inverter 
  • All wiring, connectors, nuts & bolts
  • Expandable up to 4 total panels (MPPT technology)
  • Full daily production.  Early on - Late off
  • Easy, illustrated assembly instructions in English
  • Proudly made in America by American EcoPatriots

                (6 month, zero interest financing is available through PayPal Credit)

PNG200 $999
Free Delivery
(lower 48 states)
AK & HI add $200.00
AK & HI click here to order

Call Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
Nothing else is required except the sun and an active unused A/C power circuit.
Converts sunlight into over 200 watts of continuous 120 v A/C grid-tied power. Typical peak continuous power output is over 225  watts. Maximum production under ideal conditions is over 270 watts.  Produces power during clouds and precipitation. One full day of sunshine will produce well over one kilowatt per day of free power.

It works because the output of the PNG200 is a just a fraction of a volt higher than the output of the utility so it's power is always the first power available to be consumed by your homes's appliances.  Flowing electricity works much like flowing water. It always flows from a higher potential to a lower potential. A more visual, similar example is when one pours water from one bucket to another, the highest water level always pours first.  When calculating the savings on your utility bill always use the rate of the HIGHEST tier you fall into because the PNG200 is reducing the total kilowatt hours per month flowing through the utility meter. Your utility bill's total kilowatts per month determines which billing Tier Rate you fall into.  Your utility bill will be reduced by the exact amount the PNG200 produces 


The PNG200 is the least expensive, and least painless way to get started into micro solar power generation.  Just plug it in and start saving.  Ideal on top of your patio, shed, or behind the garage or barn and is especially economical if you have a pool, air conditioner or other equipment which runs all day long. Pool pump energy expenses can be off-set or even eliminated when used in conjunction with a Hayward or Pentair variable speed pool pump motor.  (Use it to shade your expensive pool equipment too)  

If you ever move, simply unplug it and take it with you. Rain or shine a PNG200 will reliably produce power for its proud owner for many years to come.  We think it's one of those awesome new tech-savvy green consumer products you just can't live without and so we proudly offer it as a new, made in the USA product. 

Footprint required = 78"L x 33"W x 33" H
Total weight = 66 pounds  
Total Solar Panel Area = 2,738 sq. inches = 19  sq. feet 

Standard angles are 34 degrees (normal/summer) and 44 degrees (winter)

Risk Discloser

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PNG200 $999
Free Delivery
(lower 48 states)
AK & HI add $200.00

Questions?  Call Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm

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